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Facility Services at the University of Montana has temporarily closed a gallery in the Art Building while awaiting test results of possible asbestos exposure.

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In McGill Hall, down the center hallway to the left, is a large space used for classes and rehearsals by students who act, dance and perform. Generally speaking, students in the School of Theatre and Dance learn in the PARTV building, but some of those students go to McGill 125.

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Collaboration across campus helped move all of the classes out of McGill Hall after the building was shut down due to unsafe levels of asbestos. The building’s shuttering displaced both students and their professors.

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The cast and crew of UM Theatre and Dance’s most recent studio show struggled to get to their costumes, props and set pieces from McGill Hall when it closed unexpectedly Jan. 31. The department retrieved the materials two days before the shows opened Feb. 6.

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Peeling strips of masking tape no longer cover the holes in the ceiling tiles of the Charles H. Clapp Building — a dark joke among faculty and students working on the lower three floors of the asbestos-laden building.

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Parents of children exposed to asbestos in McGill Hall’s childcare area met with two attorneys Feb. 7 after grilling University of Montana officials at multiple on-campus meetings about its response to the contamination.