2018-2019 Police Blotter Graphic Stock

The University of Montana’s vacant campus was mostly quiet the first week of 2021. Most of the calls that were made to UMPD involved transportation requests, verbal disturbances, a welfare check and a dog without a leash.



Officers responded to Pardee Court late at night when a verbal argument turned into a vehicular dilemma. There was a commotion between two people when one individual took the other person’s car without permission to find a third person who had been involved in the argument. The car was returned a short time later and labeled as “use without authorization.” No citations were made and all parties were warned and released.



A resident of Yreka Court shared personal and bank account information with someone they’d been interacting with online for just under two weeks and whom they believed to be valid. The online stranger said they were associated with Best Buy and requested $2,000 in Best Buy gift cards from the resident, though it’s unknown what was being offered in return. The victim sent the cards and pin codes to a drop location in Texas. “We get these all the time,” UMPD Lt. Brad Giffin said. “If what they’re offering is too good to be true, it’s probably not true.” Drop houses and hidden IP addresses make this case unsolvable.


Officers responded to a complaint of an “offensive” poster taped to a door in Main Hall. The poster portrayed an individual’s opinion about Steve Daines based on his political history, but contained no threatening language or hateful biases. The poster was taken as evidence as a precaution, though taping something to a door is not a crime.


UMPD officers removed a transient person from campus who was trespassing inside the Mansfield Library. The individual has been cited for trespassing in the library before and was charged again.