Since last week’s blotter, there have been 14 crimes reported on the UMPD daily crime log. This week features an axe throwing enthusiast, more pot smokers and a coin bandit.

August 21 - Credit Card Culprit

A student who was out of town during the summer returned to her apartment and found a family member had gone in her room and took her credit cards without permission. The rude relative used $163 between July and September before getting caught. The investigation is ongoing, and the suspected card snatcher could face misdemeanor theft charges.

August 27-30 - Bike Theft Galore

UMPD reported a whopping four bikes were stolen in a time span of three days from dorms all across campus. None of the cases have a suspect, and like past thefts, UMPD Lt. Bradley Giffin said there is not much the police can do. “It is a big business here,” Giffin said. “It is frustrating, students should try to invest in a good lock.” UMPD also recommended registering one’s bike to help track it down if it is ever stolen. You can reach that page on UMPD’s website under bicycles. here.

September 1 - Scandalous Skateboards

Skateboarders unknowingly scraped up a newly resurfaced cement walkway from the summer outside of the University Center, causing UMPD to respond. Though their tricks and flips meant no harm, UMPD reported the boards caused damage to the new surface, and warned the skaters to find a new place to do kickflips.

September 2 - Email Scammers Strike Again

Cybercrime struck again for an innocent freshman living on campus. The student clicked on an email from a person impersonating an employer, tried to cash a check, and quickly found herself down $1,500, with no way to track down the suspect. Giffin said this crime happens often to students. “This type of scam happens at least 10 or 12 times a year,” Giffin said. “If it is too good to be true, then it is not true, nobody is going to send you a check for $1,500 out of the blue.”

September 3 - Fire Alarms Do Exist...

A student smoking some hippy grass in Jesse hall received a rude awakening when his dorm’s fire alarm began to buzz, in response to the smoke in his room. When a personal alarm is triggered, Giffin said RA’s must open the student’s door to make sure there isn’t a fire. The student was caught up in smoke and received a conduct violation.

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