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A University of Montana student reported being chased by an unknown person carrying a blade Monday night while walking near the pathway on the west side of McGill Hall.

The report to University of Montana police prompted a campus-wide warning early Tuesday morning. As of print, police are still investigating.

“We have no video surveillance, so right now we’re really relying on anyone with information to come forward,” said UM Lt. Brad Giffin

According to the emergency alert email, the student was walking near McGill Hall at around 11:00 p.m. when he heard someone running toward him.

The email said the student saw a person “5’11” to 6’ tall dressed in a black hoodie, gray sweat pants and wearing a black ski mask” running toward him with a “knife or sword” raised. The student ran from the suspect, and was not harmed. UMPD received a report of the incident an hour later, according to the email.

“As soon as something like this happens, people should call us,” Giffiin said. “I understand that people come from different places, and they have different experiences with the police, but if we don’t get a report immediately after an incident, it makes our job much harder to do.”

The University issued a similar alert Oct. 25 after a person on campus reported being tackled by an unknown man in a black mask on the stairway near the Campus Rec Center and Washington-Grizzly Stadium. The person escaped with no injuries.

According to Giffin, after interviewing both the victim and Adams Center staff, UMPD could not find a suspect.

GrizWalk provides escorts on campus for staff, students and faculty, and can be reached at 243-2777. Anyone with information about either incident should call the UM Police Department at 243-6131 or 243-4000.