A false alarm cleared students, faculty and staff out of Main Hall Monday morning.

Firemen emerged from Main Hall a little after 10 a.m., blaming a faulty fire detector in the building’s attic.

“Might have just been some dust getting into a bad detector,” said Missoula Fire Department crew member Danny Beck.

The brief shutdown of Main Hall follows the closure of the Mansfield Library and the Food Zoo over the weekend due to ruptured plumbing.

When the alarm sounded around 9:40 a.m., students gathered at Main Hall’s entrance.

“I could hear the alarm across campus,” Cassie Braaten said. Braaten and others had a 10 a.m. class in Main Hall.

After exiting the building, and with snow falling and temperatures around 15 degrees, the evacuees of Main Hall made their way to the UC and waited for an announcement.

“It’s much better than waiting outside,” interim Vice President of Finance and Administration Rosi Keller said.

Although staff returned to their jobs in Main Hall once inspectors cleared the building, only a few students returned to their class.

After only four students came to Psychology of Learning class on the second floor, Alex Buscaglia decided to release them for the day.

“Nothing official’s been announced,” she said. “But I’m deciding to call it.”