Jon Harbor

Jon Harbor, a vice provost at Purdue University, has been selected as the University of Montana's new provost and executive vice president. 

Professor Jon Harbor will be the University of Montana’s Executive Vice President and Provost starting August 1. President Seth Bodnar announced the decision in an email to the campus community Monday.

"I am especially impressed by Dr. Harbor’s demonstrated commitment to student success and strong leadership record," Bodnar wrote in the email. "I have great confidence in his ability to help move UM toward its potential."

In an email to the Kaimin, Harbor wrote he “will be working hard to get up to speed with all of the work that has been done by groups and committees at UM to help plan the future and to support difficult decisions that need to be made.”

Helping decide which academic programs will be cut in order to fit UM’s budget will be one of the new provosts first tasks.

Harbor wants the provost’s office to work “efficiently and effectively to support holistic student and faculty success across the university.”

In a March 19 email, Bodnar announced he will reorganize UM’s administration including bringing Student Affairs under the Executive Vice President and Provost.

UM’s recent re-organization should result in more students succeeding, Harbor wrote. Success will be measured by students staying in school and graduating on time as well as how they move on in their careers after graduating.

UM has decided to discontinue winter session. In his email, Harbor wrote, he "would not rule out a future conversation about whether a revived winter session would make sense.” Harbor is currently the director of digital education and associate vice provost for teaching and learning at Purdue, a university which is working on launching an online-only winter session.

By touting summer session as an attractive option for non-UM students to study in Missoula and reaching out to distance learners through online education, Harbor sees an opportunity to increase enrollment at UM.

Harbor wrote that he and his wife “are looking forward to the people, the environment, the community, and the opportunity to make a difference at UM.”

Beverly Edmond has been the University’s interim provost since Perry Brown stepped down in June 2016. Edmond concluded her tenure on March 30. Dean Paul Kirgis currently serves as UM’s acting provost.