Total Montana cases are up nearly 800 in a week, as of Monday, while total active cases are up by nearly 200. Missoula County also reported six more active cases than the week before. As of Monday, UM numbers haven’t been updated on the health department’s dashboard since they were released Wednesday, Sept. 9, with six total positive since early August and three total active. Over 9,100 Montana cases have been reported since the start of the pandemic, with about 600 people recovered in the past week. Hospitalization rates have stopped rising, with over 140 statewide, nearly 20 fewer than last week. In Missoula County, three people have died since the start of the pandemic, with no new deaths in the last couple of weeks. Statewide there have been 138 deaths, 20 in the last week.(Mazana Boerboom, Griffen Smith)


Wildfires continued to burn through the West Coast and parts of Montana over the last week. According to New York Times reporting, more than two dozen people have died in the fires and tens of thousands have been forced out of their homes into the thick smoke that shrouds most of the Western United States. The smoke blew into Missoula with force over the weekend, with air quality moving from “good” on Saturday to “unhealthy” by Monday. In “unhealthy” air quality conditions people are discouraged from outdoor physical exertion. Thompson Falls, Montana, was “very unhealthy” and Libby, Montana, was “hazardous” as of Monday. The Missoula Health Department website releases updates on air quality predictions and guidelines almost every day. Hourly updates can be found on the Montana Department of Environmental Quality website. (MB)


The UM College of Business is offering a business certificate starting this year. This program was made to help the certificate participants become more marketable to employers by gaining knowledge of business practices. According to UM’s website, the certificate program lasts approximately two semesters. Anyone can register for it, including current and graduated UM students as well as community members. They must have completed at least 60 credits, however, and passed with a C- in the five required classes, which accumulates to 15 credits. Students can sign up or inquire for further information at The Gianchetta Student Success Center in the Gallagher Business Building. (Hanna Campbell)



The Missoula Police Department responded to a home in the Pleasant View neighborhood Saturday for a potential hostage situation. According to a press release from public information officer Sgt. Travis Welsh, officers responded to indirect information that a man assaulted a woman in a home on the 2900 block. The woman was potentially being held against her will under threat of a firearm. Early attempts to make contact were unsuccessful, which led to the MPD SWAT Team and hostage negotiators being called for additional support. Contact was made with the woman and she was able to leave the house. After obtaining an arrest warrant for the man, members of the SWAT Team entered through a crawl space in the home early Sunday. There they found the body of an adult-aged man who had died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. (Alex Miller)

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