Police blotter

Oct. 21

Prowling pumpkin pillager

A tenant in a University Villages Sisson apartment called UMPD because she was worried about a “possible prowler” outside. The caller said she could see a dark shadow outside her door and heard someone turning the handle. Her pumpkins were also smashed. UMPD did an extra patrol.

Oct. 22

Nonsensical science

A man was reportedly yelling nonsense in the Natural Sciences Building, but UM police were unable to find the man at the time. He was later found in the Mansfield Library where employees said the man wasn’t bothering anyone.

Oct. 22

The RA who cried spliff

A resident assistant in Jesse Hall found a bag of marijuana that was dropped by a student on the ground next to the lobby’s front desk. UMPD confiscated the bag, which was actually filled with tobacco.

Oct. 25

Me? Too aggressive?

Two men handing out political pamphlets on campus were reportedly becoming “belligerent” and swearing at people who refused to take the pamphlets. UMPD found the aggressive advocates who eventually left the area.

Oct. 26

The janitorial mafia

Three men were reportedly standing outside the Rec Center in a way that made people uncomfortable two nights in a row. UMPD talked to the men, who were just custodians waiting for their shifts at the gym to start.

Oct. 27

Please steal my shitty car

A car parked outside the Gallagher Building was reportedly left with a door wide open and the keys in the center console. UM police were unable to make contact with the car’s owner, but they did shut the door.

Oct. 30

Trouble at home

A caller noticed the front entrance to Brantley Hall and the door to the President’s Room inside the building were left wide open. The caller said the heaters in the President’s Room were all turned on and it looked as if someone had slept in the office the night before. UMPD locked the doors and turned off the heaters.

Oct. 30

Wishing you a happy Halloween

A woman said two men ran up to her car while she was parked on campus and aggressively knocked on her windows. The woman said she felt threatened but the men were speaking another language so she couldn’t understand what they were saying. The men were last seen walking toward the Adams Center.