Breaking Main Hall Blue

A student is facing possible criminal charges after allegedly shooting a firearm out of an open dorm room window in Aber Hall in the early hours of April 18.

According to an email from UMPD Chief Marty Ludemann, nobody was injured and there was no damage to the building. Because the investigation is still ongoing, UMPD has not released the name of the student.

In his email, Ludemann said UMPD does not believe there is any further threat to the campus community.

UMPD Sgt. Brad Giffin said the student could be charged with a misdemeanor of negligent endangerment or felony criminal endangerment, depending on the results of the investigation.

“Any discharge of a weapon within the city limits can result in at least a misdemeanor,” Giffin said.

Giffin was not able to comment on the details of the investigation.

Although students can own firearms, a right protected by the US Constitution, UM policy bars them from campus grounds, facilities and functions. Students who do own guns and live in the dorms can check their registered weapons with UMPD when they enter campus. UMPD officers will house the weapons, which can be checked out during office hours. Students, faculty and staff can call UMPD or visit their website for details.

Residents of the University and Lewis and Clark Village must also register their firearms with their respective offices. Weapons can be stored in a tenant’s apartment after registration, according to the policies.

The University of Montana has not had any shooting-related incidents since 2011, when, according to an article from the Missoulian, a man accidentally shot himself in the hand with a shotgun in the Lommasson Center parking lot. Police charged the man with negligent endangerment.