The Corner Store, located in the Lommasson Center and run by UM Dining, is a quicker option for students and others to get food and beverages between classes. 

The UM Dining Corner Store is set to get a facelift this fall semester. Renovations include new flooring, lighting, furniture and a stage.

The dining room section of the Corner Store will be renovated to try to create a better atmosphere for students to relax, UM Dining director Campbell Howard said during an ASUM meeting Wednesday night. “Students on this campus need a place to hang out and be students.”

The details for renovations are yet to be released, but, according to Howard, the flooring will be replaced with new carpet and tiling, along with new lighting meant to give a warm, soft glow to the room. New furniture, including chairs and couches, will be added as well. Most exciting is the addition of a stage that will be used for performances. Howard primarily hopes that students will use it, but said other programming, like poetry readings, is also a future possibility.  

Senators from ASUM praised the plans for the renovations, stressing the need for a safe, late-night place for students on campus.

“I’m super excited about the changes coming to the Corner Store given that it’s really important for students to have a place where they can feel safe,” ASUM Senator Lyssa Schei said during the Wednesday night meeting.

While the exact timeline for renovations is still being determined, UM Dining hopes to begin renovations sometime in late September or early October.

“There is going to be a slight inconvenience for students this semester because this is something we really want to get done,” Howard said.