UM Dining is offering strawless lids at all coffee kiosks and dining services as part of a push for more sustainable practices on campus. 

Strawless lids were first implemented in January of 2019, Camp Howard, director of UM Dining, said. Strawless lids are now available for both hot and iced drinks across campus. 

Small, brown plastic stirring straws will still be available in coffee kiosks until they run out, said Danni Payton, who works at Think Tank. UM Dining phased out straw lids after the new lids were introduced.

Howard said UM Dining is pushing for sustainability on a larger scale. During the Griz Welcome meal this August, UM Dining used compostable plates and other sustainable materials, creating a “zero waste” event.

In addition, UM Dining is shifting from disposable to compostable packaging and caterware. UM Dining began using compostable to-go containers across campus in the spring 2018 semester, Howard said. 

Plastic bottles are one of the biggest challenges to improving sustainability, but college students in Missoula are typically more environmentally-conscious than students on other campuses, Howard said. 

Straws will always be accessible to those that need or want them, and UM Dining has considered biodegradable options like paper straws, Howard said. UM Dining has not decided to introduce them yet.