The Curry Health Center and Student Involvement Network are partnering to host the Self-Care Fair on the Oval this Thursday. 

The blues that comes with the start of a new semester are kicking in. Syllabus days are long gone and to-do lists are becoming unmanageable.

With mounting academic pressure, it’s important that students take care of their well-being more than ever, according to the Curry Health Center health promotion specialist, Kayli Julius. On Thursday, Curry and the Student Involvement Netwok (SIN) are collaborating to put on a “Self-Care fair,” from 11 a.m. to 1 pm. on the Oval. 

91% of UM students reported feeling overwhelmed by daily activities, according to a 2018 college health survey conducted by Curry. Stress and anxiety were the top two impacts on academic success, which has changed in the past 10 years from tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse, according to Julius.

“The Self-Care Fair is just one way that we are trying to educate students on how they can take care of themselves, and why that’s really important for their well-being and to succeed as students. In a way, that is not just focusing on one way to do it,” Julius said.

The fair will feature different self-care methods, including mental health specialists, making slime, meditation and yoga on the Oval. Julius said she is excited for the meditations. They will be led by an educational group, Namchak, which recently started offering free guided meditations every Tuesday in the Campus Rec Center. 

Lea Graham, a member of SIN, says she is excited for the self-care boxes students can personalize and take home. Students will have the option of different items to fill their boxes and multiple places to decorate them. “[Self-care] can be very customizable for you and what works for you is best,” Graham said.