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Hello from the Letter K! This week, an Associated Students of the University of Montana senator resigned from her position, the Lady Griz won big in the University's inaugural N7 game and the state legislature tabled a bill that would refund rental application fees. Read on for all of this and more. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @MontanaKaimin. We release weekly Tik-Toks, daily UM updates and more. This is not something you want to miss!
This Week's Web-Only Stories

Planetarium program expanding into space

In a dark, dome shaped room, the sun shined brightly. As Super Mario Galaxy music played, the Milky Way Galaxy slowly rotated in the backgr… Read more


Lerone Martin: Putting Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy in our own hands

Many know Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a powerful civil rights activist and leader, but few understand his childhood and path to leadersh… Read more


‘The Outwaters’ out of left field

Low budget but high impact, “The Outwaters” captures Lovecraftian horror and psychological torment through a personal lens.  Read more


Lady Griz win big against conference-leading Hornets

The University of Montana Women's basketball team earned its largest upset of the season against the Big Sky Conference-leading Sacramento … Read more

In case you missed it, here is last week's feature and top stories.

Burning back history

Every time UM senior Mason Banks remembers his first and only Foresters’ Ball from 2020, he smiles. Read more


Revive HB 233 and refund rental fees

Last week, the state legislature tabled House Bill 233. That bill aimed to require refunds at rental application fees for applicants that d… Read more


TV Escape-O-Scope

After a long day of parking-driven headaches and school-induced stress, we all need a little comfort. You could make some food that reminds… Read more


Police Blotter

With students rushing to drop their classes and find parking, the University of Montana Police Department has had no time to rest and respo… Read more


Major parking changes to wait until summer, students mixed on ‘golden parking ticket’

It’s a new semester, but students are having the same old problems with parking on campus. And even though few things look different for st… Read more


Missoula sword fighting club combats in brewery

Customers sit at the bar and order drinks at Big Sky Brewing completely unaware of what is going on back in the canning room. A heavy door … Read more


Burton-Oliver overcomes health struggles to live out her dream

Keeli Burton-Oliver went through two schools and a heart condition that nearly ended her basketball career before starring for Montana in a… Read more


Oscar nominee snubs are a slap in the face

It’s that time of year again when the overly almighty Academy gives a golden man to golden people for their contributions to cinema. Or, mo… Read more


Lady Griz sweep opponents in eventful week

The University of Montana Women’s basketball team earned its biggest upset of the season against the Big Sky Conference-leading Sacramento … Read more


ASUM addresses dorm fees, ethics violations

The Associated Students of the University of Montana addressed an age-old problem for students living on campus at its last meeting: having… Read more


Lady Griz beat Portland State in inaugural Nike N7 game

The University of Montana women’s basketball team earned its second win in a row at home against the Portland State Vikings in a dominant 8… Read more



I’m Clayton Murphy, and this is your Kaimin Cast for the week of January 30th. This time, how are students reevaluating school, switching m… Read more

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