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A note for our readers: This is the last Letter K of the spring semester. The newsletter will arrive in inboxes again next fall. It has been a pleasure to create, curate and edit the Kaimin's first-ever newsletter, and to watch it grow this year. The support of you, our subscribers, is immensely appreciated. I'm excited to see how the new digital editor grows the Letter K next year, and I hope you are too. Thank you, again, for your support. Have a great summer! - Andrea Halland, Digital Editor
This Week's Web-Only Stories
In case you missed it, here is last week's feature and top stories.

A Presidential Reflection

This interview has been edited for clarity. A condensed version can be found in the Kaimin’s print edition on campus and around Missoula, o… Read more

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The Letter K is a service of the Montana Kaimin, the University of Montana's independent, student-run newspaper. The Kaimin office and UM are located on land originally inhabited by the Salish People. Kaimin is a derivative of a Salish language word, "Qe'ymin," that is pronounced kay-MEEN and means "book," "message" or "paper that brings news."
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