An ode to Academic Planner

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Academic Planner, oh Academic Planner. Why dost thou have to leave us so soon?

In the darkest times of advising, what was there, was you.

On Oct. 14, you will be gone, and here is what is the matter.

You’ll be replaced with Degree Works, and it makes us much sadder.


In the darkest of times, you were there.

Like a beautiful extension of Cyberbear.

I always used you to plan ahead.

Now the University is taking you away, and for what? To get that bread?


If one were to perhaps add a minor, or two.

Even a second major, for this, Degree Works just won’t do.

Training? Hah. If only it could be so sweet.

University of Montana, you truly have knocked advisers right off their feet.


To whom may we point fingers? For we are upset.

Office of Student Success? The administration? You bet.

This simply won’t work, it just isn’t fair.

Please hold on to Academic Planner, if just for us students. Don’t you care?


Soon, we will graduate and leave this campus forever more.

Delay this tragedy for the class of 2024.