Foresters’ Ball is almost here, in case you didn’t notice. The buzz surrounding the University of Montana’s premier social event (besides Lasagna Day at the Food Zoo) is hard to miss between axe-throwing on the Oval, a helicopter dropping tickets and the truckloads of logs sitting behind the Adams Center.

This weekend marks the second time the ball has had to comply with a heavy set of rules doled out by the UM administration. Even if you didn’t attend two years ago, you’ve certainly heard stories about the infamous party that got out of hand. It was rowdy to say the least, with hundreds of people getting kicked out for sneaking in alcohol and binge drinking.

The students who run the show took President Royce Engstrom’s threat of canceling the ball seriously. As a result, last year’s event was rather tame. Only a few students were kicked out for violating the no-alcohol rule.

That left some students wondering whether tighter rules could mean the beginning of the end of one of America’s best college parties (according to Playboy Magazine).

Nah. We doubt it. The ball is 97 years old, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. However, this year’s turnout will show if stricter rules are impacting students’ choice to forgo Foresters’ Ball for something else.

UM is not the only school tightening regulations. Universities across the country are taking a hard line against festivities that promote student drinking.

But UM administrators and police can relax. Last year, students proved they could handle themselves.

Foresters' Ball is still a great time. Past the security check awaits a lavish logging town replete with a dance floor, a saloon (minus the alcohol), barber shop and wedding chapel. Don’t let the police intimidate you into toning down the fun.

Just, please, be smart. Downing a whole bottle of vodka 10 minutes before isn’t the wisest move, and it certainly won’t be appreciated an hour later by the couple swing dancing next to you.

The ball has always reflected the culture we live in. God forbid you arrived late back in the day — your crush’s dance card might already be filled with the names of other men.

So grab your flannel and pull out that pair of dusty ol’ cowboy boots — let’s show this University we still know how to have a good time.