This is an open invitation to all of our professors to collaborate. Not with us, but with each other. Collaborate on what, you may ask? The decision to either let their students out of class on time, or accept the occasional late walk-in. If your class starts at 11:00 and goes until 12:20, you know what time we need to leave? That’s right. 12:20. We’ve got shit to do, places to be! If we’re in a lab, or a project-based class, and we need twenty minutes to put materials/ equipment away, you’d better be ready for us to do that at 12:00, so that those of us who have classes at 12:30 can actually make it there by 12:30.

Now we’re not saying we can’t be flexible; we can. But as a professor, if you’re okay with keeping students for longer than the allotted amount of class time, then you need to be okay with students walking into your own class late.

Even with an ample ten minutes to get across campus, a lot can happen. What if, god forbid, we actually drink an adequate amount of water and we have to pee in between classes? There goes five minutes of our ten minute walking time, and just like that, our bladders, though now relieved, are late to class along with the rest of us.

We can recognize and appreciate the professors who are understanding of students’ time-sensitive schedules, but unfortunately that is not the case with all of them. Speed-walking from one class to the next, only to get there five minutes late and have your professor call you out in front of the entire class, is not an ideal way to start any class period. And to be perfectly honest, if our attendance is going to result in reprimand, we’d rather just take the L and head on home.