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What do you picture when you think of Montana? Is it the huge swaths of hike-able nature? Our varied individual liberties? The nation’s best fishing and hunting? Or is it privacy from the chaos and prying of more populated states like California? Fifty years ago, Montanans decided that these…

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Do you have any burning questions that you think the Kaimin Staff may be able to help you on? Things like: What soup should you eat at the UC Market? What you should do about the professor you really hate? What tattoo you should get next? You have come to the right place. The Kaimin Kolumn h…

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The Montana Constitution is in peril and its consequential protections towards citizens are at risk. My name is Liam Edwards and I am an intern at the Montana Public Interest Research Group. The current Montana Constitution has offered protections for us for over 50 years. It guarantees our …

We are writing to clear up confusion evident in the story “The mysterious graduate student union movement” published on September 7th. Some additional information will serve your readership well.

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Coming from small town eastern Montana, and recently moving to western Montana for college, I’ve seen just about everything Montana’s land has to offer. There’s an underappreciated beauty to Montana’s rolling hills, shrubby grasslands, and rugged badlands. That being said, I love our state, …

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Update: On Thursday, the judge who granted the preliminary injunction against a similar birth certificate law blocked the DPHHS ruling from going into effect. The enjoined case will return to trial next week. 

The bears are back on the University of Montana’s campus and hungrier than ever. With fall rapidly approaching, bears are fattening up for the winter on more than just huckleberries and chokecherries. 

Three years ago, telling a person that the University of Montana filled every bed on campus would make most people laugh at you. At times in 2019 and 2020, entire floors of some residence halls — like Knowles, Aber and Jesse — sat empty. Students could request a single room in Duniway Hall. …

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For the first time in 10 years, Montanans are getting the opportunity to redraw the legislative districts in their communities. That means we can fight for diverse, competitive districts and maps that reflect our communities. Or we can let politicians gerrymander our communities into distric…

Hi there. Welcome to the Kaimin, the student newspaper here at the University of Montana. Whether you are a new reader or a longtime fan, the Kaimin has served the students here as a hub for campus news and lifestyle.

One of my favorite jobs while working at the Montana Kaimin has been getting up a little earlier each Thursday to deliver our newspaper. For a college student being awake before sunrise, it ain’t pretty. 

UM is on the brink of a rebrand and will soon unveil its new colors, fonts and graphics. The Kaimin has seen the look — and we’re a house divided.

Walk into any UM Campus Dining establishment and you’ll surely see two things: students studying and students working. We’re a university, after all, and nothing screams “college” like the misery of studying and the misery of working so you can pay to continue studying.