This special issue is just for you. Odds are, you’re picking up the Kaimin for the first time. Hopefully it makes a good first impression.

I’m the editor of this paper, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work done by all of the wonderful people who work here. We’ve never made a paper like this, and I’ll be the first to admit we absolutely are trying to “get down with the kids.”

As a staff of about 40 former freshmen, we get it. You’re about to start a chapter of your life full of confusion, excitement, anxiety and a world of new experiences. Holding this paper in your hand, we’re here with you.

Did your roommate kick you out to get down with a new hookup? Been there. Did your financial aid get “lost” with no sign of return? Join the club. Did your RA sniff out the faintest hint of kush coming out of your room and call the cops? Classic. Crying in your dorm room watching “Twilight” because you feel alone? You’ll get through it. Are you at the cusp of an existential crisis because you’ve already changed your major twice and it feels too late to do what you really want and now you have a minor too and you’re trapped? Breathe.

That’s why we exist, to remind you that you’re not the only one. Every day, we’ll be listening, thinking and acting to give you a voice. We’re a bunch of muckraking, bold and hip journalists who are dedicated to giving you the information you won’t find anywhere else. Pick up the Kaimin, bookmark our website and follow us on social media so you can be lucky enough to be showered in our content, rain or shine.

Thank you for reading this paper and giving us a purpose. Every week, we’ll be here. And we aren’t going away any time soon.