For some of you, this may be the first time reading the Kaimin. For others, it may already be part of your weekly reading list. Either way, thanks for picking it up. It truly does mean a lot – you’re the reason we do this. 

It’s my first issue as the editor of the paper and I wanted to clear a few things up. To say the least, the opinion of the Kaimin varies across campus. I think one of the easiest ways to address some of the confusion around the Kaimin is to define what we are, as well as what we are not. 

For starters, things that we are not: 

We are not run by the University. Our stories aren’t approved by the University, the student government, faculty or anyone else. We are comprised of student journalists who work here and make the Kaimin happen week after week. That’s the way it has been for the 120 years we’ve been around. 

We don’t make stuff up. All of our stories are reported, fact checked and copy edited by the reporters and editors that work here. We try to report stories we think students 

should know about. Are they always happy stories? No, of course not. Do we only seek out bad stories? Also, no. It’s the students who pay for the Kaimin through a small fee on every tuition bill, and we are here to bring the news that matters to students. 

Are we missing something? Did we get something wrong? Call me, email me, stop by the office, mail me a letter, anything. I want to know if we’re missing something and I will be the first to admit when we make a mistake. Hopefully, those are few and far between – we are only human. 

That leads me to what we are: 

We are students. Most of us are journalism majors, but we’ve got a few history majors, media arts people and some creative writing students as well. We take classes, most of us have second jobs (the Kaimin is far from a lucrative endeavor), but we do this because we love it.. 

We are relentless. We want to find the truth and bring it to you. We stick our noses into things that probably don’t 

want noses in them. Oh, and we also have a pretty killer arts section if you want to know where the best house shows or cheap eats are in town. Don’t forget we’ve got a website that holds so much more than we could possibly fit into the paper. 

Students are the reason this University exists, and students are the reason the Kaimin exists. We work for you. And most importantly, we are you. So give us a read, give us a call, and let us know how better we can serve you – after all, that’s why we’re here.