griffen smith

One of my favorite jobs while working at the Montana Kaimin has been getting up a little earlier each Thursday to deliver our newspaper. For a college student being awake before sunrise, it ain’t pretty. 

I like to deliver because it is the Kaimin’s final promise to readers that we will get UM’s news out to you, like we have for more than 100 years. In my three years working here, I have grown to love the responsibility of reporting the news. 

I have worked at the Kaimin as a sports reporter, news reporter, design editor and news editor over the last three years. Now, I look to lead a talented team as editor-in-chief next year. I have seen the school change through the pandemic, and I can’t help but notice a new wave of energy coming to UM.  

I will look to continue our coverage of the important decisions UM’s administration makes that will affect students. We will show the day-to-day life here, providing you, the reader, with knowledge you can use. 

The Kaimin will strive to be more inclusive across campus and work to find the voices that have often been left out of the conversation. We are excited to get to work in August.

— Griffen Smith, incoming Editor-in-Chief