For another year in a row, food options on campus are getting less healthy, less accessible and less inclusive and it’s not doing students or the University any favors.

UM Dining claims its mission is to “serve wholesome, high quality, and nutritious food.” But outside the Food Zoo, there are almost no healthy options. Let’s be honest, no one wants to eat a pre-packaged salad, flavored with plastic and misery. Even if we did, we don’t all have the $45 dollars that it takes to purchase one from the now-UM-dining-owned Market.

Harvest in the UC is a healthy option, but UM Dining claims it’s not profitable to run it during dinnertime. This is also the only healthy vegetarian, vegan or gluten free option available outside the Food Zoo and it’s only open for a couple hours a day. If you’re working late and you have a dietary restriction, you either have to gnaw on carrots and hummus in your dorm room or go off campus in search of something you can eat.

This is not to mention the indignity that is the loss of the Galloping Griz Food Truck, which didn’t provide the healthiest of meals but was open and available every weeknight until 12 a.m. before its closure last year. College students stay up late and partake in all kinds of activities that could make a person hungry outside the hours of a normal meal time. To ignore this is a denial of the nature of college life.

If it’s true that profit losses have caused the shuttering of eateries that were once campus mainstays, perhaps UM Dining could consider that no students want to come to a university where their own personal dining preferences and needs are being largely disregarded. Just another fried oreo in the basket of reasons no one wants to go here, or eat here, anymore.