Sometimes we write stuff that gets people fired up. This makes the comments section a little unruly at times. While it is rare, sometimes this unruliness goes beyond what the Kaimin feels is proper for us to support with our platform. This necessitated we create a social media policy used to maintain an open, civil forum for readers to give feedback, discuss relevant issues, and constructively engage the Kaimin and other readers.

We deeply appreciate active readers who engage with our work, and we hope the following policy is clear about the types of comments that are unacceptable and subject to deletion, while remaining narrowly tailored enough to allow for open discourse. When possible, the Kaimin will make a reasonable effort to contact a commenter privately and suggest ways for the comment to be altered in a constructive way while maintaining its substance. This applies to all Montana Kaimin social media accounts.

Comments made previous to this policy’s enactment will not be retroactively altered. Comments subject to deletion are ones that include:

  • Name-calling, personal attacks, libel, threats, inciting violence or denigrating speech aimed at a person’s race, religion, sex, gender, orientation, age or ability.
  • Impersonation, misinformation, spam or advertising
  • Low-effort commentary that is off-topic, ALL CAPS or duplicative

I encourage our readers to independently engage each other and the content of our work constructively and with civility. Also, don’t forget we gladly accept letters to the editor, either for publication or simply to express feedback to our staff.

Thank you to all our readers,

Matt Neuman