By the time you read this, our staff will have already spent many, many hours deciding what we want to do this year, for you. Our hopes and dreams are pretty simple, and yes, we did sit down in a circle sharing them among ourselves whilst drinking PBR.

We want to be an organization you’re proud of. We want to give you content that makes you excited. Every week, we’re going to put together a paper centered around a really special cover story among absolutely stunning visuals, thoughtfully reported stories and a dynamic design that knocks your socks off. Not to mention, a kick-ass website (just you wait).

No matter what you think about us, we aren’t doing this just to stir the pot. The wonderful people who work here are overworked, underpaid and will act like absolute savages to find the truth. They work here because they care about doing what’s right, and we stand by one another. Because of this, I couldn’t be more proud of the people who fill my newsroom with excitement and passion every day.

Everything we create is thoughtfully reported, edited and fact-checked by the editors and journalists who work here. For the next year, the Kaimin is my tenure and my responsibility. We will never be perfect, and you may despise many of the things we do. But for all of it, there’s a reason.

The Kaimin is more than just a stack of paper lurking in the corners of campus. We’re students, and we care about this school and the happiness of its students more than you know.

If you love what we’re doing, tell us. If you hate what we’re doing, tell us. If we missed something important, tell us. Our intentions are to give you the content that matters to you, but we make mistakes, and we know that. The only way for us to know what you want and to improve is by hearing your thoughts. Call me, email me, tweet me, slide into my DMs, come to the Kaimin office and bang on my door. Just speak up.

Whether this is the first time or the hundredth time you’re picking up the Kaimin, thank you. Without you, we wouldn’t exist.