Two big bills on the ballot for this year

That could take our parks to a new frontier

I-190 deserves your praise

And CI-118 needs your gaze

Together, in our laws these bills could appear.

But what are these two strange bills?

Sit and listen, and you will get your fill

Bills alike to legalize marijuana

Vote for them both; and you’ll wanna

For promises of funding for our parks they’ll fulfill.

What else will these twin bills achieve?

Well, despite those trying to deceive

They’ll be good for our state

The decriminalization will be great

Not to mention the funding we’ll receive.

Taxes from this bill will amount to a price

In the tens of millions, a total that’s very nice.

It also allows the careful, contained growth

Of personal plants, but we need both

So vote yes to these bills, two votes precise!

-Roselyn Dunbar

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