Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

As the ASUM elections near, I want to bring to everyone’s attention a ballot issue that has been largely overlooked this cycle. The constitutional referenda to eliminate the petition signature requirement is up for consideration and I highly encourage all UM students to vote in favor of it. Over the years, ASUM has heard from many students that the organization and, more particularly, the student government, has been somewhat inaccessible. This ballot referenda is seeking to lift a burden on students wishing to run for an executive position, making a run for an executive position more accessible.

Current ASUM procedures require executive candidates to obtain one hundred signatures in order to qualify for the ballot. As cumbersome as this process can be, it presented another challenge to this and past elections committee of early campaigning. The challenges this provision of the constitution presents have lead past ASUM Senate’s to put this on the ballot and ask the students to strike this requirement. During the 2014 election, students voted successfully to get rid of the petition signature requirement, though the election fell short of the needed turnout to pass. For the past six years, this requirement has stayed in the ASUM constitution, much to the disdain of past Senate’s. It’s time to strike this requirement and give future executive candidates an easier way to qualify for the ballot. I hope all UM students join me this Wednesday April 14 and Thursday April 15 in voting for the constitutional referenda.

Ethan Hanley

ASUM Business Manager