Letter to the editor

Hello folks! It's Nevin, from before. I couldn't resist putting in one last remark before you all gaily skip off to your well-deserved summer breaks. This fall semester will coincide with a municipal election for Missoula City Council; and yes, I am reminding you to update your voter registration when you move back. "Oh, but Monsieur Graves, I do not vote! I will not participate in these rigged elections, bought and paid for by corporate interests!" you may say. I know you don't vote; I've seen the turnout numbers from the last election cycle. Also, don't call me "monsieur," I'm neither French nor a man. Only 32.78% of Missoulians eligible to vote actually cast a ballot during the 2019 municipal election. The Ward 6 seat was won by a margin of 12 votes. Just 12 people. Look up from this newspaper, and you'll probably see 12 people in your periphery.

This is all to say, I'm sick and tired of people leaving their political agency on the table. Y'all need to vote in every single election, because all of them impact the way we live our lives and the quality of the community we reside in. Don't give me the whole "oh I'm from out of state" spiel. If you physically reside here for 30 days before an election while being 18 years old and a U.S. Citizen, you're eligible to vote here. If you keep voluntarily surrendering your ability to weigh in on the issues that matter, you'll end up losing the choice entirely. The resurgence of fascism and the looming climate crisis pose an existential threat to our ability to live in a relatively free and peaceful environment. So kindly keep up the maintenance on our democracy, register to vote this fall, and have a great summer!