Dear UM,

We know that you think things are generally going better with COVID than they could have been. I mean, heck, look at other universities that had to shut down within a week. We've done way better, with only 60-ish cases over five weeks. We also barely have 10,000 students, but that's another story.

While you might think we're doing okay, we're not. There's been an unbelievable lack of administrative oversight from the beginning with COVID. You didn't want to report UM specific cases until students pressured you and the health department to do so. You didn't want to cancel sports and practices until you had to. How could anybody have possibly thought that this was a good idea? I'm feeling just as horrified as back in March when we all learned that COVID had been swirling around the US since January.

We all know it makes no sense to have athletics events and practices, marching band performances and practices, and Greek life events like recruitment and rushing in-person. Even ASUM started their meetings in-person, in a space that clearly couldn't distance 26+ people. We all know the risks by now. Even in-person classes are pushing the limit, and we all know that.

So why do we see the same responses from UM? Students are already placing bets on how much longer we have left in-person before UM finally makes the call to shut it down. So how long will it be, UM? And what's the limit? 100 cases? 200 cases? 1 student death? 5 student deaths? What is the risk you are willing to take for "the college experience"? People are going to die, on-campus and off-campus, because of the decisions we make today.

So yeah, online class suck, but you know what else sucks? Getting COVID.

Go Griz, though, right?

-Emma Kiefer

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