My grandfather made his living by the health of maintenance of our public lands. From early years in the U.S. Forest Service, to a working career at the Frenchtown mill, and twilight years caring for our state parks at Lake Mary Ronan and Middle Thompson Lake, our forests, lakes, and rivers were never far from Del's line of work, and they were dear to his spirit. I am proud of how he taught each of his children and grandchildren to appreciate and care for our public lands.

Here in Montana, we value common sense and coming together as a community to do what’s right. Our breathtaking public lands are a source of economic prosperity, recreational activity, and pride in the beautiful state we call home. Montanans have the opportunity to further protect and maintain our public lands through the legalization of marijuana for adults over 21. CI-118 and I-190 would legalize, tax, and regulate adult-use marijuana in Montana, to the tune of more than $20 million a year earmarked specifically to fund conservation and public lands.

These initiatives provide Montana the revenue needed to effectively address critical repair backlogs at our state parks, campgrounds, and trails. As thousands of us can attest, having ready access to these public spaces is part of what makes living in Montana great, and it is a privilege we all want to preserve for generations of Montanans to come. Vote Yes on I-190 and CI-118.

-Nevin Graves

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