This November Montanans will be able to vote on the I-190 and CI-118 ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana in the state of Montana. I-190 details the legalization, regulation, and taxation while CI-118 sets the legal minimum age for purchase and consumption at 21. 3 in 5 Montanans support legalization and 16 years ago the medical marijuana ballot passed with 62% percent support and is already helping thousands of people with cancer and other medical conditions while providing millions of dollars in taxes for the state.

The 20% tax on all purchases of recreational marijuana would provide around $48 million dollars of tax revenue a year, with $24 million going to land conservation efforts. The other 50% is allocated for veterans services, local governments, substance abuse services, and senior and disability services. As the state struggles with the enormous economic impact of the coronavirus, the potential tax revenue would be essential to help keep services funded. I believe voting yes on both is the right move for Montana and will be immensely beneficial to the state.

-Johnathan Wood

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