Dear Provost,

Thank you for the consideration, but this measure seems to have a very sharp unintended consequence unless I am unaware of something.

If a student gets an A grade, they of course would rather keep the A grade and show that they were worthy of that grade.

If a student gets a B grade, they would be inclined to also keep the grade since most programs beyond the undergraduate level require a 3.0 GPA.

If a student gets a C grade, they would naturally be inclined to choose CCR and be lumped together with those who received an A or B grade. This natural choice would then lead anyone reading the transcript to assume that the student received a C grade and not A or B. Then any CCR would likely be ignored by any graduate program or employer. So this logical conclusion does not do anything to help students affected by the extraordinary circumstances brought by this global pandemic emergency.

Something that the school could do to help is place a curve on everyone’s grade. Perhaps a 5% increase across the board? Something like that would make more sense to me as a student and would more clearly reflect the outcome of the stress from this event on my grade.  

Another action the school could do to help students during these stressful times would be to refund students some of the extra fees dedicated to services that we are mostly not using right now such as:

Parking Permit: $121.00

Transportation Fee: $42.00

Equipment Fee: $25.00

UC Fees: $138.00

Campus Recreation Fee: $123.00

Athletic Fee: $73.00

Not to mention all the toilet paper that we as students would normally be using on campus could go to use at our dwellings where we are currently “attending classes.”