Overall the importance of this election is not understated. Every year we hear that "this will be the most important choice in our lifetimes", which to be fair is true every election. As climate change becomes increasingly irreversible, as the wealth gap stretches further than what sparked the French Revolution, and as racism has slowly been rising and normalized, every election means a change for the better or worse. Against these odds, we have only one option: to vote. Our voice is our vote. We have a constitutional right to vote, as well as an American duty to carry it out. We must defend our beliefs and our rights in the face of voter suppression. We need to be heard as Montanans, and as Americans. When Governor Bullock came to Missoula, he inspired his rally to fight for what they believe. A Bi-partisan fighting for both sides of the political spectrum, he is fighting for what we all need. As Shannon O'Brien put it: We all want a public, sustainable environment. We all want access to high-quality healthcare. We all want the same things. That is why I believe that Governor Bullock and Shannon O'Brien will serve Montanans the best.

-Maxwell Shaver

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