Have you ever been stuck somewhere? Stuck in Bozeman watching the Cats? Stuck in line at The Market when all you need is a triple shot cappuccino? Stuck listening to a lecture when all you want to do is go back to bed? It’s not much fun.

Now imagine how great it would be to never be stuck again. This November, you have a chance to make that dream one step closer to reality. We the students get to decide whether our city expands the Mountain Line bus system. It’s the public transit system that has reliably gotten students around town for more than 30 years. If we vote for this mill levy, we will get more frequent service on two new routes, later service (all the way to 10 p.m.!) on the four most popular lines, and an expansion of the van service that helps seniors and our neighbors with disabilities stay mobile and independent.

Together we can pass this mill levy and never have to worry about getting home from a late night of studying on campus or back to the dorms after a night out with friends. If your bike has a flat tire, a bus will stop by campus every 15 minutes to get you where you need to go. The great thing is, even if you’re broke, you’re good to go — your Griz card lets you ride for free! Expanding our transportation systems will open up the city to all students, even if you don’t have a car. It’s your ticket to free rapid transit between the mall, campus, the movies, your friends’ house and countless other places. And you’re never stuck worrying about parking downtown.  

This mill levy doesn’t just benefit you; it benefits our environment. More people riding the bus will lower air pollution and cut down on our carbon footprint. We will reduce the smog that sometimes fills our big, beautiful Montana sky.

It’s going to be a close vote. If students like you turn out, we can tip the scales in our favor. You will get your ballot in the mail next Tuesday, Oct. 22.  If you aren’t registered to vote yet, you can take a bus over to the fairgrounds and get registered. They’ll give you a ballot right there. Make sure to vote and return your ballot before Nov. 5. Your vote will decide the future of our bus system. Join us in voting ‘YES’ for our bus.

Shibu Arens,

Andrew Person,

Ashley Roness

MontPIRG Board of Directors