Letter to the editor

For the past year, I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Senator Andria Schafer as a friend and a professional. She exemplifies integrity as a leader and a peer. In every senate meeting, she maintains a composed demeanor while advocating for both popular and unpopular views. Senator Schafer's knowledge of parliamentary procedure, budget processes, and campus life serve as an inspiration to all senators.

Schafer currently serves as a student member of the University Planning Committee and is on the Data/Analytics sub-committee. Her experience there advocating for students while participating in a macro-budgeting process is invaluable experience that no other candidate has. Along with this, she has served on the Board on Budget and Finance. She has participated in countless travel allocations, special allocations, and STIP requests. Andria Schafer has also participated in two final budgeting sessions, another notch on her resume that is lacking in other candidates.

If students were not to elect Andria Schafer for ASUM Business Manger, campus will have missed a once in a lifetime opportunity for strong budgeting skills, leadership, and financial representation.

Abbigail Belcher is a current ASUM senator. Her views are her own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of ASUM as a whole.