Letter to the editor

Reading Kailyn Mercer’s piece on not being believed when coming forward about abuse, I was struck with how much I related to her experience.

It’s been five years since I left my abus- er’s home, and I am still unable to write about what happened to me. I can barely even talk about it because the fear of not being believed is paralyzing. The thought that someone will say that I deserved it is enough to keep me quiet nearly all of the time.

But when I got to the end of Kailyn’s piece, I really wanted to call out to her. I ached to say, “You can’t give an uplifting ending, but it’s okay. Because I’m here.”

Hopefully someday I will be able to tell my own story. Right now, though, it’s groundbreaking to see someone else speaking out. Sometimes what you need is a platform, and sometimes what you need is someone else to say what you can’t.

Hero LeMaster, student