Letter to the editor

Why should you VOTE YES on the 6 Mill Levy?

Missoula! Nov. 6 is right around the corner, and 6 Mill is up for a vote.

There are a few misconceptions about 6 Mill I would love to dismantle:

First: the 6 Mill Levy is NOT a new tax. This tax has been a part of Montana for 70 years. It is an important part of our history.

Second: it is not strictly a liberal issue. 6 Mill is supported by all parties because it is good for the economy and good for young Montanans.

The main point of 6 Mill is to keep tuition down. That's it. It could not be more simple. Remember, Montana believes in us, that is why it put 6 Mill in place in 1948. All we have to do is renew this incredibly valuable plan to keep our tuition down.

A YES to 6 Mill is a YES to Montana and a YES to affordable, higher education.

Elizabeth Quackenbush, student