Letter to the editor

This letter is in reference to this story about a UM professor charged with assault.

I am appalled by the recent story published on Dr. Clough. Any student or friend of Clough's would describe Clough as a man of the utmost integrity and character. I find this article one sided, sensationalist, and deeply insensitive. Clough has over a decade of loyalty to UM, a 30 year career unblemished by similar incidents. Out of fear of saying anything that might not be in the best interest of the professors case, I can assure you that the picture of the incident described in this article is horrendously lacking at best. This article paints an excellent man and brilliant teacher in a inaccurate light, and I hope that the authors considered the effect that publishing this ill-researched and inflammatory article will have on this community and the already struggling Global Humanities and World Religions department. On the plus side, this type of journalism will no doubt promise a fulfilling career for the authors at media outlets in need of sensationalism instead of fact (perhaps Fox News or the currently struggling Info Wars?). But in truth, I hope for better for these authors and the Kaimin in general.