If you’ve browsed the social media presence of Montana’s various Libertarian political action committees lately, you may have stumbled upon the Facebook page of the ambivalently named “Montanans Against Higher Taxes.” If you don’t know what you’re looking at, you can scroll through pages of shitty memes and out-of-context statistics and come to the conclusion that some weirdo was so salty about not being invited to a pool party at MSU in 2017 that he decided to form his own PAC to try and defund all of Montana’s universities.

That guy is Tim Adams, and for the last year, he’s dedicated himself to making cigarettes cheaper and higher education more expensive. It’s unclear what personal trauma has engendered such a hatred in him toward academia, but it seems to stem back to to a pool party thrown for MSU students last December. Now he is dead set on getting back at those damn youths by advocating against the Six Mill Levy.

If one of the clipboard-toting lackeys hasn’t already told you, the Six Mill Levy is a property tax that funds about 10 percent of the Montana University System. It makes enough common sense that Montanans have voted for it the last 70 years, and has enough bipartisan support that even chattering-skeleton-in-a-Van Heusen-shirt Greg Gianforte is behind it.

But Mr. Adams, ever the contrarian, stakes his opposition on the dubious grounds that all college students are ferocious rave monsters, we are letting in too many out-of-staters, and (the ringer) that the best way to stop the financial ills of UM is to give it even less money. Sharp dude.

Normally, we’d let Mr. Adams sputter out un-dragged, but lately he’s taken to citing reporting from the Kaimin on his Facebook page, claiming it illustrates his arguments. While we appreciate the website traffic, we’d like to take this opportunity to formally request Mr. Adams stop using our reporting to peddle his idiotic propaganda campaign. We do not support his attempts to gravely wound the institution we are responsible for covering.