Letter to the editor

Rapid globalization has put so many people out of work and destroyed a sense of community and connection to the place we are in, including our natural environment. The threat of climate change is more pressing than ever, and the Green New Deal is a framework to address these issues. The Green New Deal is a resolution currently in congress to switch to renewable energy and become a net-zero-emission society by 2030, which is in line with current science that claims we have about 12 years to severely curb emissions to prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change.

One of the less-talked-about aspects of the GND is how it plans to address environmental issues by rebuilding and empowering communities, something that strikes a chord across political affiliation. Rebuilding local economies in sustainable ways will help address struggling towns and families, and provide more stability as the global market continues on its usual roller coaster. To address climate change, we need to empower local entities along with overarching federal policies. This globalized world is working for the rich, not the people and small communities of Montana – the GND can help us rebuild our sense of community. 

- Alexis Baker