"We welcome letters to the editor and will publish all letters that fit our guidelines" - Montana Kaimin, August 18th, 2020

Excellent! Great news! I look forward to the deluge of honest public opinion soon to fountain forth from this newspaper. Before we begin pumping the well for the best Kaimin content once again, lets clean up a few errors on your Letters to the Editor submission page:

It's a real clubbing to my heart, but a spade's a spade: "degenerative speech pertaining to someone's ace" is a diamond-tier offense. Keep those cards up your sleeves my Queens and Kings, or just discard your bad opinions because you don't know Jack about them.

Me make Letter. Me Letter have good grammar. Me Letter say no naughty words. Me Letter go to you Letter box. Letter box say, "If you letter fits within guidelines". Me Letter have many lines. But Me Letter no You Letter. Me rethink Letter altogether...

Please don't pun-ish us anymore and do the spellchecking for us, Kaimin folk. Enjoy the new semester!

This letter to the editor pointed out a few typos on our letter to the editor submission page. Oops! They've since been fixed. Thanks!