Keep it Kaimin!


For 120 years, student journalists at the Montana Kaimin have served as watchdogs, wiseacres and culture critics to the University of Montana and the broader Missoula community. They have graduated and gone on to newsrooms at the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Seattle Times and local and regional newsrooms across the United States and the world.

Today, the Kaimin continues to foster the independent, rambunctious and ambitious commitment to journalism that it always has, but declining enrollment across the University of Montana have hit Kaimin fee-based revenues hard. The Montana Kaimin has emerged as a contemporary and sustainable news operation – but it needs your help to make that transition.


Your donations will:

·       Allow the Kaimin to maintain a contemporary newsroom that brings high impact news and cultural criticism to its audience in a full-color weekly publication that plays well online and on mobile devices.

·       Establish solid financial footing by retiring debt and covering restructuring costs so that the Kaimin can continue as a training ground for the journalists who will define the professions in years to come.

·       Allow Kaimin staff to continue to draw ASUM-approved salary for the hours they work so students with limited personal financial resources can continue to be a vital part of the Kaimin.


You can help by:

Making a tax-deductible donation to the Montana Kaimin Fund by filling out the donate form below.


Mailing checks to

UM Foundation,

PO Box 7159,

Missoula, MT


Please write Montana Kaimin in the check memo.

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