Social Media Policy


The following applies to all Kaimin social media accounts. 


Comments made previous to this policy’s enactment will not be retroactively altered. Comments subject to deletion are ones that include:

  • Name-calling, personal attacks, libel, threats, inciting violence or denigrating speech aimed at a person’s race, religion, sex, gender, orientation, age or ability.
  • Impersonation, misinformation, spam or advertising
  • Low-effort commentary that is off-topic, ALL CAPS or duplicative

Users who repeatedly violate the Kaimin's social media policy or use speech deliberately harmful to other readers may be notified and blocked, at the discretion of the Editorial Board. 

When possible, the Kaimin will make a reasonable effort to contact a commenter privately and suggest ways for the comment to be altered in a constructive way while maintaining its substance. 

Please submit a letter to the editor for additional feedback by emailing


Updated Oct. 26, 2020

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