In last week's Friday Kaimin, the story "Jock Culture: behind the stereotype of athletes and alcohol" described a Montana Grizzly football initiation party that had occurred for years. What it didn't state, however, is that the party did not take place in the fall of 2011.

This party may have happened for decades, but Montana Grizzly football head coach Robin Pflugrad, along with his staff and players, worked tirelessly to prevent the party from happening again last fall. The team's senior leadership council, which comprises players from every position and class level, was instrumental in preventing the party from taking place.

"We had enough facts and information that it was a detriment to our progression as a football team," Pflugrad said Wednesday afternoon in his office. "(Last fall) being our second season together, we did not want to take a step backward."

People who rent out warehouse facilities were contacted and were told that the UM athletic department should "be privy of information if there was a rental by someone they knew was on the football team," Pflugrad said. Attempting to stop the party was also brought up to UM Athletic Director Jim O'Day and Vice President Jim Foley.

Pflugrad said that some former players thought the party was "a ritual, a passage," but the Griz football staff disagreed completely. "It's not easy to change that many years of tradition," he said

"It was a tough battle," Pflugrad said. "But we chipped away at it, and hopefully we can curb that and won't have it as long as we're here."

The Kaimin apologizes for the omission in last Friday's "Jock Culture" story that the football team has stopped having the initiation party.