Montana Kaimin Application

  • Kaimin Staff Application Spring 2020
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Each applicant must attach the listed work samples for desired position, a brief cover letter describing why you want to work for the Kaimin, a resume and one idea for a cover story. Applications for Spring 2020 are due Monday, Dec. 2, 2019. Email with questions.

Basic Info
Skills and Interests

Please list 2 references, their relationship to you and a contact phone number and email.

Work Samples

Reporters please include 3-5 writing samples. If from a class, attach unedited version. Photographers, please attach 10-20 images or a link to a portfolio. Designers, please include 3-5 samples or a link to a portfolio. Cartoonist, please attach a sample cartoon or include a link to a portfolio. Columnists, please attach two writing samples and a short pitch for your column. Social Media Specialists, please take one story from our website and write a tease for Facebook and twitter and an idea for visual promotion on Instagram and Snapchat. If you have trouble attaching samples to the form, email them to

Verify and Submit